George Bernard Shaw once said that „there was no greater love than the love for food“. It’s not only buildings and history what makes this town; it lives through its scents and colors, flavors and sounds, through all those perfect dishes created in its long and rich history. The gastronomy of Trogir is a typical […]

George Bernard Shaw once said that „there was no greater love than the love for food“.

It’s not only buildings and history what makes this town; it lives through its scents and colors, flavors and sounds, through all those perfect dishes created in its long and rich history. The gastronomy of Trogir is a typical Mediterranean one, with lots of fish and seafood, olive oil, cheese, pršut (smoked Dalmatian ham), and various meat dishes.
Trogir gastro scene is changing, luckily, and there are few great restaurants to enjoy in this ancient city museum . We made a list of the restaurant with best food and best setting in this area.


The restaurant is located in the popular street of restaurants, on the corner next to the church of Our Lady of Carmel, and remains true to local tastes by abiding the traditions of mediterranean culinary customs.

This is known as one of Trogirs “upper places” to dine. Don Dino’s trademark is the creative cuisine of chef Ivan Pažanin, with his personal take on traditional Dalmatian gastronomy with Mediterranean influences. Emphasis on the fish menu is on the first class ingredients; fish, crabs and molluscs. Don Dino has a picturesque terrace, a solid selection of wines from all Croatian regions and a big selection of desserts from their patisserie.

  • Bl. A. Kazotica 8,  21220 Trogir, Croatia
  • http://www.dondino.hr/HR/index-4.html


Located in the city center in 13th century house, Trs Tavern, which owes its name to an airy vine lattice sheltering the terrace of this wonderful gastronomic temple, with its distinctive culinary style, atmosphere and casual traditionalism, making it one of the leading restaurants of Trogir. Offering already branded foods, such as lamb pasticada, tripice, octopus, shark with spring beans, and the inevitable hare with lentils, whose taste and flavor clearly reveal their identities. A famous Croatian chef and publicist Dragan Grbic makes his guests happy and stomach full at this beautiful location in the center of Trogir.

  • Ul. Matije Gupca 14, 21220, Trogir, Croatia
  • http://konoba-trs.com/



Just a minute walk left from the town gate, all the way down the promenade, there is a restaurant- pizzeria Riva.  The Riva restaurant-pizzeria offers a great selection of pizzas, carpaccios, fine salads, dishes with home-made pasta, risottos, juicy steaks, hamburgers, fish dishes and irreristible desserts. We use the best ingredients such as mozzarella,meat, the finest flour from Slavonian plains, top quality smoked ham, organic vegetables and fresh fish.

  • Obala bana Berislavića 15,21220, Trogir , Croatia
  • http://en.restaurant-riva.net/#contact



Located in the area of ACI Marina Trogir. The restaurant offers fish and meat dishes, along with Croatian and imported wines of finest quality. You can expect a pleasant atmosphere and excellent service.

  • Put Cumbrijana 22, 21220 Trogir, Croatia
  • https://www.facebook.com/restoran.kalma/photos/a.206433272887814.1073741828.205303693000772/499742673556871/?type=3&theater




The restaurant breathes a combination of modern tones that are incorporated in the preserved perspective of building from the early 19th century. It is divided into three segments: the inner part that you can enjoy the view of our wine shop, romantic garden that surrounds the architecture of ancient times and smells of the Mediterranean and the front yard  where you will feel all the energy of Trogir.

New place in town that attracts many tourists from surrounding areas is one restaurant where the story begins in 1920 when the merchant and visionary Francis Calebotta built a beautiful house in the center of Trogir and it opened the first cinema in the region. Following his vision of  ” new and beautiful ” , today in his honor after almost 100 years with pride and respect is a new restaurant and a coffee shop Calebotta opened.

Basis of Calebotta’s kitchen is Dalmatia. Their delightful  offers are fish specialties, specialties of raw fish, shellfish and shrimp. Calebotta serves local Dalmatian cuisine, homemade pasta and gnocchi and the unavoidable Beef and Tuna steak grilled.

  • Gradska ul. 23, 21220, Trogir, Croatia
  • http://calebotta.com/


Beautiful Trogir waterfront is ideal for the best coffee in town and long walks. Fun is guaranteed in  Big Daddy, and entertainment content and crazy night life takes place on the island of Ciovo. For a memorable night spent in a beautiful place, you just need to cross the bridge and have fun until the morning in the disco bar Monaco or disco bar Padre located within the city walls.

Cafe Bar ČOKOLADA ; best cakes and coffee in town 

  • Ul. kneza Trpimira 153, 21220, Trogir
  • https://hr-hr.facebook.com/pages/Caffe-bar-%C4%8Cokolada/518297504933186

For coffee bar Chocolate 3.9 tons of fake  flour  was brought at the location on the beach in Trogir and topped with 145 liters of fake chocolate glaze, so you really sit on the cake. Interesting is exterior appearance because it symbolizes the cover of chocolates and you will really feel like getting into the sweet world that is on the beach, leaving everyday life behind and enjoy the view towards the sea, where the sun follows from sunrise to sunset.
In caffe bar Chocolate you can try homemade ravioli, strudel, hot chocolate flavored with hazelnut, Gianduja, mint, vanilla, white chocolate, pistachio, punch and coconut and chocolate pralines.


Though most people search for a place near the sea, there are always gems to be found in the very city center. Such as Konoba/Restaurant Tragos which is located in one of the little streets inside the city. The food is typically Dalmatian, with great seafood and meat options. The design of the restaurant is very traditional, with lovely stone surroundings. If you’re looking to be seated on the terrace on the roof, be warned. It costs extra (some 2 € per person). But for that you get a free starter, so it all evens out.


  • Budislaviceva 3Trogir 21220, Croatia
  • https://www.facebook.com/hoteltragos/?ref=page_internal

Restaurant FRANKIE

If you’re looking for a spot not in Trogir itself but is still close by, try Frankie’s. Located in Seget Donji, it is a popular local diner. With spots available on the terrace and the inside, it has something for everyone. As most seabound restaurants, it is also mostly known for its seafood. The mussles risotto, in particular, has always been a hit. Beware of the prices, though. As there is currently a shortage of fish in the Adriatic, Frankie’, and many others have become a bit pricier. It is something you’ll see across Dalmatia, so don’t be too surprised when you see the seafood prices

  • Ulica akademika Mihe BaradaDonji Seget 21218, Croatia
  • https://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g1190295-d3343467-Reviews-Frankie-Donji_Seget_Split_Dalmatia_County_Dalmatia.html

restaurant barba

Names have a huge importance in Dalmatia. By your name we can guess where you’re from, we decide what you’re like… So when a restaurant is called Barba, the name says everything to us. Meaning ‘uncle’, or more often, an older man you have some familial relation to, it brings with it a sense of calm and knowledge. And that is what you get at the restaurant Barba. These guys are pro’s at anything to do with seafood, but especially grilled fish. The prices reflect what they offer, but there is a good reason people even from neighboring town visit this place!

  • Ul. Hrvatskih žrtava 44, Seget Donji
  • https://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g1190295-d4262956-Reviews-Barba-Donji_Seget_Split_Dalmatia_County_Dalmatia.html

Anin Dvor

Agroturism Anin Dvor is exactly as its name says. It’s a restaurant based solely on home cooking with local ingredients, all made in Anin Dvor (Ana’s Garden). Perfect if you want to experience the true Dalmatian meal in the most authentic setting, this is a must visit in Seget Donji. This place is owned by the family who runs it, and it is located on this property. The cooking is just how many dalmatian grandmas used to make their meals, and the setting is just like your grandma’s village house. As with most spots on this list, the specialities are meat and seafood. And their ‘peka’, octopuss and veal options, is a must try.

anin dvor

  • Put Čarijća 115, Seget Donji
  • https://www.facebook.com/Agroturizam-Anin-dvor-1463219660661328/


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