5 FACTS YOU MUST KNOW WHEN VISITING ŠOLTA   DON’T jump from the cliffs if not an experienced jumper or swimmer There are NO banks on the island, but the closest ATMs are in Rogač, Stomorska, and Grohote Hidden beaches are on the south side of the island Best way to explore this magical island […]



  1. DON’T jump from the cliffs if not an experienced jumper or swimmer
  2. There are NO banks on the island, but the closest ATMs are in Rogač, Stomorska, and Grohote
  3. Hidden beaches are on the south side of the island
  4. Best way to explore this magical island is with a boat ( you can easily rent it on our web page )
  5. Šolta is the best place for cycling ( another way to explore the island) with its long cycling paths, nature, sea, and people you love the most, what else do you need?



  1. Šešula bay

Šešula is naturally created to protect many ships during northern and southern winds, and for the same reason is one of the favorite coves in the central Dalmatian archipelago, near Maslinica. This famous bay can be reached on foot, by car and by bike from the land side.


  1. Stracinska bay

The incredible scenery is provided if you go down on foot or by car: turquoise paradise and a few scattered boats on a quiet surface of the sea in the summer days. Stracinska hides and hidden beach with white pebbles and it is ideal for anchoring.


  1. Tatinja bay

It is suitable for a day trip and a pleasant holiday in silence. There are several small beaches, and it’s wonderful for jumping from the rocks fans. Calm, clear, turquoise, protected from the northern and south-eastern winds, and in the middle of the bay are two cliffs, like two small islands. It can be reached on foot, as well you can anchor the boat here.


  1. Jorja bay

Next, behind the bay, Tatinja is the bay Jorja with a single house there. It can be reached by a country road. Small pebbles beach which is good for swimming, but the best option is to sail with a boat.


  1. Zaglav (Vela Luka)

To this romantic turquoise bay with several stone houses, can be reached by boat or from Grohote, access to the bay is a country road. Also called Vela Luka.


5 gastronomy locations that will shake up your senses

1. Martinis Marchi ( Maslinica )

  • Put Sv. Nikole 51, 21430, Maslinica
  • + 385 (0) 21 718 838
  • €€€

Restaurant Martinis Marchi is a must-see restaurant for many tourists, especially boaters who are used only to the best. Summer terrace with occasional live music provides the familiar atmosphere of the Mediterranean hot summer night, that lingers in the memory, a large wine cellar turned into part of the restaurant and it’s reminiscent of a past time.

Since Maslinica is known as a fishing village for centuries, it is recommended to start a meal with octopus salad, then warm up with hot soup of asparagus with shrimps, and as a main dish, abundant seafood menu in a Dalmatian style suffused selected red wine. For a side dish is unavoidable chard and potatoes on the Dalmatian way, with a few drops of quality of the island’s olive oil.

For dessert, you should definitely try Dubrovnik Rozada. True wine lovers will be happy to visit small wine cellar Enjoy!restoran2-1

2. Šampjer ( Maslinica )

  • Put Burnji Gaj 18, 21430, Maslinica
  • 021 659 107
  • €€€

The “Šampjer” Restaurant is located on the island of Šolta, in a place called Maslinica. It is 5 minutes’ walk away from the center of Maslinica, at a high ground with a magnificent view of 11 Croatian islands and the unforgettable sunset. This opened restaurant in Maslinica presents a combination of the old traditional Dalmatian architecture and untouched nature, as well as a combination of excellent Dalmatian cuisine and homemade wine from vineyards located on Dalmatian islands.


3. Pasarela ( Rogač )

  • Rogač, OBALA SV. TEREZE 29
  • +385 (0) 91 654 505
  • €€€

None of the above choices got you close enough to the water? Well, head to Pasarela Restaurant and feel the ocean breeze as you find your table underneath the shade of a palm roof. Another restaurant that takes friendly service to the highest level of standards and takes the idea of good food extremely seriously. Whether you are with your sweetheart or with a handful of kids, all are welcome here.pasarela

4. Momčin Dvor ( Grohote )

  • Grohote, Šoltanskih žrtava 18
  • +385 21 654 223
  • €€
Whether you are coming here for a lunch or dinner, you can count on ever-smiling and cheerful staff. After a few welcoming words, you will be offered a simple but genuine and extremely delicious meal. The owners of this establishment keep the tradition, so the best choice would be to order something that laborers would eat after a day of hard work in the fields or vineyards.7bea6d21e27e9ef408dcb5a866dfd4c0

5. šakajet Food & Wine

Voted as the #1 restaurant on all of Solta Island according to TripAdvisor, they must be doing more than a couple things right. Sakajet Food & Wine offers its guests impeccable service from start to finish, a certain charm and ambiance unlike any other, and the best seafood dishes available. How could you go possibly go wrong? You’ll get to enjoy a fantastic location next to the harbor and marina, a cozy atmosphere, and undoubtedly a full and satisfied stomach.


5 reasons why to stay here:

  1. The first reason why to stay here is beaches, and tranquility of the island.
  2. Dobričić Wine! After DNA analysis in 2012. experts have proven that Dobričić wine is one of the parents of America’s most famous Zinfandel wine!
  3. ETNO-EKO: Family farms that offer their products, tastings, and meals (honey, wine, olive oil)… all organic and homemade.
  4. Beautiful sunset every day that is falling behind seven virgin islands and blue starry nights
  5. Delicious food, vicinity to Split and other islands

Although Solta Island may be smaller in size, it certainly does not lack in numbers of great eateries sure to please all gastronomic senses, neither has a lack of beautiful beaches and hidden bays which makes it one of the most beautiful islands.

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