SPLIT’S BEST BARS, COCKTAILS, AND CLUBS   When visiting a new city, other than exploring what the almighty Google and Wikipedia have to say, the best bet is always asking the locals. Especially in places where tourism is booming, like Split. Good bars and places to go out are hard to find in a place […]



When visiting a new city, other than exploring what the almighty Google and Wikipedia have to say, the best bet is always asking the locals. Especially in places where tourism is booming, like Split. Good bars and places to go out are hard to find in a place teeming with options. So we’ve prepared a list, just to get you started! The bars and clubs are randomly numbered, as these are all a must visit.

Best Bars & Cocktail Bars


noor1You want a nice place in the city center that makes a killer drink? Then Noor bar is your perfect first stop in your bar hopping tour. Located inside the Place walls, this little gem is a bit off the beaten path. Which is exactly what make sit such a perfect find! Adored by both locals and the tourists that are visiting it every year. They make awesome mixed drinks that are sure to thrill you!



galerija1Galerija bar, located inside the Palace is a great place to relax, and enjoy a perfectly made drink. A bit off of the beaten path, this place is adored by both locals and tourists alike. And if you get hungry while enjoying your drinks and the history that surrounds you, chance a glance at their menu. There will be quite a few surprises waiting for you! Helpful waitstaff, always ready to make all your decisions easier are just a cherry on top. Their cocktails, wines and a great selection of Gin & Tonic’s are the perfect way to unwind after a busy day.



Rodrigo Bar is perfect for both daytime pilgrimage (it has natural shade covering it) or for long nights. Maybe even at the end of one! The outside seating is literally right inside the Palace walls in Split, under an 2,000 year old archway. Enjoy their cocktails, or some other mixed drinks, as their offers are varied. Meaning there is something for everyone, while above your heads a display od different light shows is playing on the archways.




La Bodega, located near the Fruit square, offers an amazingly decorated place to relax in. Wheather you are looking for somewhere to hide away from the sun, or somewhere to keep warm; La Bodega has it. Their selection of wines will wow you, and the decor will make sure you’re as comfortable as possible while enjoying your glass of red/white/rose. And if you’re more of a beer person, La Bodega has got your back! Enjoy a selection of beers on a hot summer’s day, a sure proof way to make the noon sun a bit easier to handle.


Photo by: Lidija Lolić
Photo by: Maja Pečanić

Gooshter is a novice on the bar scene, but it’s already ready to conquer. When you’re thinking of a beach bar, then GOOSHTER is what surely comes to mind. This place is in Podstrana, some 20 minute ride wy from Split (buses frequent the area regularly). Located on a beautiful beach, it offers not just good drinks, but amazing foods well. And to top it all of, for 750 kuna you can rent yourself a cabana! It comes with 6 towels, and 500 kuna worth of food and drinks. The perfect day on a beach starts with a perfect location, and GOOSTHER has it all.

Photo by: Lidija Lolić
Photo by: Lidija Lolić


Paradox Wine & Cheese Bar is one of those places that you’ll remember as a highlight of your stay in Split. If for nothing else, then for the most spectacular seating available in Split! Paradox is located near the Main Promenade (Riva), but its roof terrace is what makes this place a must. Taste some of the best wines in Split, paired with wonderful food choices, in an ambient that makes sure you’re completely relaxed. The waiters are more than helpful, and will help you make the perfect choices for your wining and dining experience!






Central club hasn’t been opened for too long, but it already amassed a cult following. Both between the locals and the visiting populous, which is sometimes a hard balance to strike. This place used to be a beloved cinema but has since been re-purposed. And it is that history that gives it a bit of a special feel! Every night there is a different program waiting for you, as well different DJ’s, performers, dancers… While it mostly deals with EDM, Billboard top 200 remixes, and techno/house music, there are always a few surprises in store for an awesome night out.




Vanilla Club is a perfect way to enjoy Split city life with the locals. One of the most popular clubs in recent years, it owes a lot to the fact that the entrance is usually free, and the music great. These guys have done a complete remodel of the club space, which makes it a must-see spot this summer. Their Yacht Week parties have become legendary in their own right, and are a hot ticket for every summer Friday.


  1. ZENTA


Club Zent is a newly opened club, that has (in part) filled up the spot left behind by the legendary O’Hara club. Many a nightlife enthusiasts have mourned O’Hara, which was a safe heaven for anyone that loves rock, alternative, and good old pop music. Most of all, the legendary Monday Trash evenings (which played popular songs from the 80′, 90’s, like Britney Spears, Michael Jackson, ) are still sorely missed. As Zenta was build in the exact place that O’Hara once rule, it stands to reason that the music has a similar beat. Though a bit more EDM focused then O’Hara ever was, the Trash Mondays are still a staple. In Zenta you can also enjoy soul nights, stand up weeks, cover bands…



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