MINI GUIDE TO PAKLENI ISLANDS Pakelni islands are most known for being very close to Hvar, and being a nice getaway from the hustle and bustle of Hvar. But that doesn’t mean they themselves don’t have much to offer. Before we tell you anything about these islands, let’s explain the origin of the name and […]


Pakelni islands are most known for being very close to Hvar, and being a nice getaway from the hustle and bustle of Hvar. But that doesn’t mean they themselves don’t have much to offer. Before we tell you anything about these islands, let’s explain the origin of the name and its English translation.

Pakleni islands would literally be translated as Hell Islands. It often amuses, and sometimes even worries people when they hear the translation. But the explanation is very simple and benign. It is originally deriver from an archaic word paklina. The meaning of that word is tar, and it refers to the pine resin once used to coat ships.

Paklenjaci are a gorgeous  chain of 21 wooded islets with a crystal clear water, hidden beaches & lush tropical gardens. The main island of Sveti Klement is also called the Big Island. It has 3 settlements among which is Palmižana – the most popular touristic & marina resort.


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Pakleni islands

Palmižana is, as mentioned, by far the most popular and known place on the Pakleni Islands. It is also worth mentioning that it is the busiest and most expensive beach in the Palmižana bay. The only respite from hoards of people can be found at the beginning of June and end of September.

Down below we’re bringing you a list of Palmižana’s best restaurants

It has 60 years of tradition in creating great delicious meals and fantastic guest experience. Besides unique location, it offers a relaxed atmosphere and professional staff. In there you can find organic meat specialties, seafood, desserts and top quality wine. No need to say, for this perfectionism you will need to pay extra.

Zori Restaurant

One of the most exclusive seafood restaurants in Palmižana. With over more than 50 years, it became a very popular place for gourmets. We recommend a visit in the late afternoon even after a dinner you can enjoy the beautiful sunset with a cocktail in your hand watching the sea.


Meneghello offers traditionally prepared fresh seafood directly from the sea with a fresh local vegetable plant in the islands. It is family restaurants who are hospitality pioneers on Pakleni islands. Their gregada is must try! With a look of garden, sea, and marina you will get an unforgettable experience.

Toto’s is one of those places where you pay a much for the ambiance and the view as the food. Hvar is well known as being incredibly expensive. Palmižana and its restaurants are no exception, so expect the same from Toto’s. That being said, the food is amazing. And the setting and view can’t be beat. If you’re looking to eat here, a reservation is a must, especially during summer months. It is also a part of the Meneghello Restaurants.


Palmižana bay has some of the most beautiful beaches on the Adriatic coast. If you are an avid sailor, you simply must visit Palmižana. But it is not the only place on Saint Klement’s that has wonderful place to swim. Here are a few that are not as popular as Palmižana, but are wonderfull nonetheless:

Perna can be found just one bay over from Palmižana. It is perfect for a day trip to the Pakleni Islands, while avoiding the crowds of Palmižana. Perna is a sandy beach, one of the very few on Paklenjaci. There is not much to offer other than a beautiful beach, so if you’re looking to spend a day here, bring your own drinks and snacks.

Vlaka beach is one of those we found out about thanks to a restaurant in the Bay. Down the page, you’ll find a bit more about Dionis restaurant, but let’s talk beach first. Vlaka boasts clear sea, sunny shores, and wonderful beaches. Not as crowded as Palmižana, it also doesn’t offer as many amenities. So if you’re not going do Dionis, you’ll have to bring your own drinks and snacks.


If you are not thinking of going to Saint Klements island, but would still like to grab a bite on the other islands, we’ve got your back. Check out our restaurants & bars list down below

Located in Stipanska Bay on the island Marinkovac, Patak is a family run business. Called Patak because its owner was a big fan of ducks as a child (patak means duck in Croatian), the nickname stuck and the logical step was to call his restaurant after the nickname. Patak offers typical local cuisine with a spectacular view. Amazing seafood, grilled meat, and brilliant cocktails await you at this spot. As always, be aware that the prices are on the higher end of the spectrum.


This restaurant can be found on Saint Klements island in the bay Vlaka, which we mentioned above. It takes some time to walk from Vlaka to this place, but it is more than worth it. Overlooking a vineyard and olive tree garden, this place is the definition of homey. Family owned, and family run, it’s hidden from the rest of the world. Which means they have a peaceful atmosphere in which the food comes first. Their specialty is aubergine pie and meat skewers with vegetables. The prices are fair, and the surroundings are spectacular.dionisCARPE DIEM
You can find Carpe Diem in Stipanska bay on Pakleni Islands. The island Marinkovac houses this famous beach bar, which is the most well-known party spot in all of Croatia. To get there you can take a taxi boat from Hvar for about 60 kuna (return ticket). We’d be remiss to tell you about this place, but be aware; this beach bar is a young man’s game. Overcrowded, and incredibly expensive, unless you’re there to party, Carpe Diem doesn’t have much else to offer. But keep in mind that it is as famous as it is with good reason.

If you want to see the hidden gems in Pakleni islands and visit beautiful Hvar among other top selected places in Central Dalmatia read more & book the tour to Blue Cave and island hopping.

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