Blue cave & 6 island tour experience is something you should definitely do while in Croatia! You can spend a full day on the most attractive and breathtaking Dalmatian islands; the finest selections of the best island spots!

First described and painted by Baron Eugen von Ransonet, the cave was originally accessible only by diving. With only one natural entrance below the sea level. Based on his suggestion, an artificial entrance large enough for small boats was built in 1884.

Most tours more or less do the same thing, across agencies in Split. The main difference is the boats. It’s always speedboats as the Blue Cave is quite far away from Split. But you’ll be out in the sun the whole day, so before you book make sure your boat has adequate shade. Also be advised that this tour is very popular, so book in advance! The weather conditions may not be ideal for all of the days of your stay, make sure that the Blue Cave tour is the first thing you book,

With most tours you’ll have an island hopping experience and visit the Blue Cave on Biševo. It is one of the must-see places in Dalmatia – absolutely stunning natural wonder. You will see one of the most beautiful Mediterranean beaches – Stiniva bay. You visit beaches on the island of Ravnik, and the beautiful and crystal clear blue lagoon on small Budikovac island. You will take a walk through Palmizana bay and the magnificent old town of Hvar to explore. After taking some time to have a look around Hvar, you head back to Split.

As always, we do have a recommendation to make regarding who to go with –  The Blue Cave & 6 islands tour

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  1. Best day of my trip - must do!

    feel so strongly about how great this is that it’s getting my very first review. Everyone who visits Split should set aside one day to spend with Peter and Ivo. We saw the most beautiful places (blue caves, blue lagoon, gorgeous islands, etc.). The thing that made it so special was the personal touch that you get with this tour. The meal at the blue lagoon is splendid and all local and organic (grown right there…even the wine). This was the best time to get to know the group and our wonderful skippers and we had a little family by the end of the trip! It’s the only tour I’ve been on where we take pics and exchange info at the end with lots of hugs. The wine tasting on the last stop is wonderful. Save room in your luggage for two bottles! Bring some sunscreen and sunglasses for the windy boat ride. I just had a smile on my face all day long and hope everyone can enjoy it as much as I did!

  2. Friends, fun, sea, caves & dolphins

    What an amazing day we had with Peter and his skipper..
    They took us to Blue Cave, Green Cave, Hvar… We enjoyed great music, had lots of fun and to top it all of Peter took us to see wild dolphins.. All in all…Amazing day!!!
    Thank you!!!

  3. Simply a must do! Highly recommended!

    I decided to take this tour based on the positive reviews I’ve read on Trip Advisor. Due to those great reviews, I had high expectations. I tell you, Peter and Mirko are the best. Peter, known as the “the flying Dutchman” with his very nice guy sidekick Mirko created a memorable experience for us (my cousin and friend). They brought us to the blue and green caves and different secluded islands with crystal clear blue and turquoise water. Every island was breathtaking and picturesque. Peter and Mirko also brought us to a private island where we did snorkeling and swimming. The water was crystal clear. It was unbelievable! After swimming and snorkeling, we had lunch. The food was delicious. Peter took the time to get to know everyone. Our group comprised of different nationalities. Sharing laughter during lunch was priceless. Thank you for the best experience Peter and Mirko! What you gave us was quality adventure. We had so much fun!

  4. The most fun you can have on water

    We had a great day out with Peter and a bunch of new friends on his boat today. We visited the Blue Cave, Green Cave, snorkelled, had a fresh seafood lunch, visited Hvar and went wine tasting. All of these experiences were great but the most fun was out in the water on the boat, Peter is a great captain and the boat is amazing – It travels at great speed and has a sound system built into it pumping out beats for the duration of the tour. The scenery is incredible as was the company, I highly recommend doing a tour with these guys!

  5. Highlight of our trip

    Myself and a friend did a 6 stop tour with Peter, and we had nothing short of a perfect day. Booking was efficient and great value, and included entry to the Blue Grotto, lunch, wine with lunch, wine tasting and 6 individual stops for an incredibly reasonable price, especially considering there were only 4 of us on the boat, so it was practically a private tour. Peter is the loveliest man, he and his team really made the day- not only is he incredibly professional and proficient, but he’s also a really interesting, funny guy who was great company. The weather was beautiful, as was the scenery, the food and wine was delicious, and the swimming was total bliss. I couldn’t recommend Waterworld enough!

  6. Great tour with amazing sights! This was the one thing we really wanted to do while in Croatia, and we were not disappointed! The kids (9 & 14) really liked the tour as well, especially the snorkeling. One thing I must say (not that it was the agencies fault) is that Stiniva bay is really busy during July!

  7. A wonderful day out on the sea, in one of the most powerful boat I’ve had the privilege to be in! Even though the Blue Cave was closed due to wind (to be fair, this was expected, and they told us so), it was a day to remember. The skipper (Sinisa I think) decided to give us a ride to a few hidden places. We also replaced the blue cave ith the green cave. Thank you Billie and Sinisa for a great day out!

  8. What a day! my friend and I waited for the blue cave quite a bit, so to finally get to see it was such a treat! The cave was really spectacular, and made the wait feel worth it. As we went in September when there was a lot of winds and rainfall, the people at the agency suggested we leave them our number and they contacted us on the first day that the weather looked good.On the way back it was a bit chilly, but the crew had some jackets that they gave out. It is a lot to see in one day, but the boat was comfortable, the crew really kind and helpful, and it was great to see the blue cave & hvar once there wasn’t as many people there.

  9. Great tour

    Amazing tour to spend the day. The first speedboat ride is an hour and a half but after that, the rest is very short to the other islands and departure island back home only being 25 minutes. Blue caves were awesome!

  10. Definately worth of visiting

    A real wonder of nature, have waited half an hour for a boat to go inside, but the Island of Bisevo is beautiful so waiting was no problem

  11. Very good organization

    The skipper and the guide made sure we had a great time during the tour. They offered us options for each place we visited and I felt like they really wanted us to get whatever we wanted. It was more or less as advertised, but the wait to get into the Blue cave was longer than expected. All in all it was a great day.

  12. Good tour but too many people

    The tour was organized very well, with engaging guides, and everything was as promised in the agency. But if you’re coming by during high season keep in mind that the Blue Cave will be really busy. Other than that, the island hopping was amazing. The skipper Ante really knew the best places to take us, they gave us snorkeling equipment to mess around with and best of all there was shade on the boat!

  13. MUST DO

    The blue cave and island hopping tour is something that is a must do in Split. The price is high but once the people in the agency explained everything we understood completely! It was definitely worth it in the end.

  14. Don’t go on this tour if you’re only in it for the blue cave. You are inside for about 10 minutes. As far as I’m concerned all of the other stops were more fun, and the captain really made the trip enjoyable.


    This tour was the most expensive one during our Split stay, but it was more than worth it! We spent at least an hour at each location, and two hours in Hvar. We really got to enjoy the sights and I can now say I visited most of the islands in Croatia!

  16. Great tour

    I expected to just be brought from island to island but the guide and skipper on this tour really made sure we got off that boat having learned something. The Blue Cave was great, but you don’t spend that much time inside

  17. Wonderful tour

    My family had a lovely experience with this tour. We were picked up in the morning by the guide, in front of the agency and from there on everything was what we were expecting. We recommend this tour and agency!

  18. Blue Cave & Island Hopping

    This was an amazing tour, with an amazing boat! The skipper and guide were really professional and we felt like they really love what they do. The group wasn’t too big, which suited us just fine. There was just bout enough time on each island, but would have liked to spend more time in the Cave.

  19. Blue Cave

    Had a great time on this tour and the Blue Cave is astounding

  20. Great tour and experience on the boat. I suggest you take the guide up on the offer of a tour in Hvar and Pakleni Islands because the girl that was our guide was so full of knowledge about every possible topic. It really round out the experience.

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