OK.. So let start with the title. Kod Sfinge vaneuropske zviri. Sfinga translated to english is Sphinx, and Vaneuropske zviri is The best outside Europe. Probably you asked yourself who would give such a name to a resturant, well locals would. There are three sphinx left in Split from Diocletian time, but they are even older ( 3500 years ) and they were brought from Egypt because Diocletian reigned there in his East Empire. However there were more than 3 but during history locals destroyed them. Now one of three is in front of Cathedral, second one is in the Archeological museum of Split and third one is in front of Jupiter’s temple where this hidden gem took its place in the middle of tourist land. Here you can find  simply delicious vegetarian and vegan food with the possibility of additional dishes being adapted to make them vegetarian / vegan.

The restaurant literally looks like a dream, it will make you fall in love at first sight, cosy and sheltered, yet at the heart of all the history and life. The charm of this restaurant is in its being located right in the centre of the hustle and bustle of the busiest site in Split, the ensemble of Diocletian’s Palace, with its narrow streets and great numbers of visitors  yet, it has the ambiance of the most serene spot in the world. You will be touched by the warmth of the welcome,  the humanity of the people, the peace and authentic architecture, and, yet again, one does not feel tucked away from the sun and the life of the city.  There is 99,9% of chances you will want to get back as soon as you walk out of it.


PRICE RANGE $ : from 120,00 HRK per person

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  1. Outstanding food! Lovely Service! A wonderful food experience in Split not to be missed!”

    My sister and I stepped off a cruise and explored quite a bit of Split’s Diocletian’s Palace before realizing we were starving. Across from the Ruins of the Temple of Jupiter, now the Baptistery of St John at the Diocletian’s palace we went in this unassuming eatery with a great inner courtyard garden that promised a welcoming relief from a scorching September afternoon. I ordered the Grilled vegetables and Bruschetta, my sister ordered the beef steak with vegetables and pasta. MAJOR WOW! The food came in promptly, hot, lovely presented, good portions, and absolutely delicious. The beef was so tender, melted in your mouth, and just flavorful and delicious. The vegetables grilled to perfection. There was a table nearby with 10+people, each raving about their orders, so the food is consistently good. This place is a winner. Absolutely recommend it! Wi-Fi worked great as well and the inner courtyard setting makes you feel at home. The lady who attended us was lovely, friendly, and shared with us stories of Split. Prices were not bad at all. Next time in Split, I am landing on this place for sure!

  2. “Amazing food and staff :)”

    I would like to recommend this restaurant. Everything is perfect. Excellent location-inside Diocletian’s Palace, near the Temple of Jupiter, but nevertheless far from the hustle and bustle. The menu is not extensive but that is a good thing as it focuses on the quality of the meat / fish. I ate first-class fish, grilled vegetables and wine that the owners recommend. I would especially praised the friendly and professional and staff. See you again next year. 🙂

  3. “Excellent food, pleasant surroundings, delightful comraderie”

    We noticed this gem of a restaurant tucked away off the tiny lane that runs between the Peristil and the Temple of Jupiter in the center of Split. After visiting the Temple we decided to check it out for a late lunch. The outdoor seating section is in a small, pleasant courtyard bordered by ancient stone walls, with an awning to ward off the strong sun. We were waited on by the owner, a warm, funny Croatian woman who was eager to tell us all about her food, much of which is obtained from local, artisanal producers. We had several starters for lunch, including octopus stewed in wine and something described as “cheese from the island of Pag.” Our hostess explained the special qualities of Pag cheese, and we were impressed by the nutty Pecorino-like flavor. (We ordered it at several other restaurants in Croatia, but none was as good as hers. Eventually we made a special trip to Pag to obtain more of the cheese for ourselves.)

    Our lunch was so delightful that we decided to return the following evening for dinner. Suffice it to say that we had one of the most memorable meals of our Croatian visit, with succulent grilled lamb and beef and more of the amazing cheese, plus a bottle of Postup wine, three different desserts, and numerous dollups of grappa to finish up. We cannot recommend this gem too highly.

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