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Mostar day tour starts from Split and you are invited to join us. Visit the Old Bridge, one of the most popular attractions of Mostar, old Bazaar, the Mosque and taste some traditional dish like “burek” or “baklava”. During the reign of the Ottoman Empire Mostar was the capital city of its province. Today it is the city of multi – culture which connects three nations of Bosnia & Herzegovina. On this tour you’ll also enjoy a wine tasting experience in town of Imotski in Croatia famous for its indigenous wine sorts. We’ll visit a small local winery and taste 3-4 different wines from their selection.

Make sure to experience this unique cultural hotspot in the best way possible! You will be guided along the way, and you will hear why Bosnia is, in our opinion, one of the most interesting countries in this part of Europe.



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  1. “Historic and impressive bridge with divers (sometimes)”

    The view from the bridge is excellent, as well as the view OF the bridge. We were fortunate enough to be there when a member of the Mostar Diving Club “dove” (really jumped) off into the Neretva River below.
    Beautiful city full of medieval magic.

  2. Fun tour!

    Wonderful excursion! Learnt a lot, laughed even more, and now I can say I saw people fling themselves from a bridge into the water for the amusement of others!

  3. Incredible city

    Mostar truly is a lovely place with an incredibly rich history! The stories our guide told us were incredible, and the view of the bridge is gorgeous. Seeing the divers jump into the river really was quite an experience. We were also told that rafting on the Neretv river is amazing, so I guess we’ll have o come and visit again!

  4. Had a really nice time in Mostar with Croatia Dream. The bridge is as beautiful as on the pictures, but the town’s history is even more so! The ‘muslim’ side of the city is spectacular, and there is a viewpoint which looks over the river and onto the bridg which, if you’re a photograhy lover is a must

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