Pizzeria Calypso is known for its long tradition of hospitality and an extremely friendly staff. In a pleasant ambiance, it accommodates guests inside as well as outside on a summer terrace. The menu departs from the standard offer, and the spirit of Italy was the main idea of designing a menu with fast and easy meals. There is also a daily menu adapted to guests’ wishes, while special attention is paid to the decoration of meals. The house’s specialty is pizza with prosciutto and sesame.  Calipso is a typical city gathering place, whether it is gastronomic or some other occasion. And the cozy interior and a rich and crazy inventive menu always justify the guests expectations over and over again.

Its a small and restaurant in the neighborhood of Split 3, and the people who reside there will tell you this is a) the best pizza in town and b) this is a place that has insane menu’s during the winter. As it isn’t in the city center, the best time to visit would be if you’re going to the Trstenik or Znjan beach. There are also a few buses that take you form the city center to this place (it hass a bus station right underneath it). These guys were one of the first places in Split with the delicious pizza and, are  still making it. And if you’re looking for the best venison dishes in the town, Calypso is your place!

If you want to eat like a citizen of Split, this is the place to visit. Simple, nice restaurant, located near Faculty of Economics and Split University Library, 5 minutes driving from historical city center. Staff is very friendly and relaxed. Here you can eat quality, tasty food, local meals like pasticada. You can try delicious pizza made from quality ingredients

As far as the inhabitants of its local region are concerned, it has been the best pizza place for the last 30 years. So, come in and see what the fuss is about!

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  1. This was a really good rec! The pizza was really amazing and close by to where we stayed. My friend ordered the rumpsteak with cheese and prosciutto and that was ok, but not nearly as good as our pizza. His loss though!


    On the suggestion of this article we went to Calypso after a bit of swimming on the Trstenik beach. The one bad thing about the restaurant is that the design is not the best, aand it is right on a road so if yu’re sitting outside it gets loud. BUT the pizza really is awesome. We were a party of 8 and ordered 2 jumbo pizzas, one was with tuna and shrimp and one was with prosciutto – that’s what they recommended – and both were amazing! First of all it was really cheep (the jumbo pizza could feed 4 people no problem) and huuuge. Secondly, it was amazing! The one with tuna had so many ingredients on it but didn’t feel too heavy as it is thin crust (there were ate least 4 ingredients other then the tuna and shrimp), and the prosciutto one was great as well, you could really feel the taste of the prosciutto. If I come back to Croatia I’ll be back here for sure to try soem other pizzas!

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Ulica Ruđera Boškovića 27
Split 21000 HR
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