Many things from our childhoods change; our favorite beaches are just overcrowded instead of filld with friends, the local playground holds our interest no longer, and our favourite foods and restaurants are not as good as we remember. And for a lot of kids who grew up just as this place was opening, Pizzeria Gust has a special place in their hearts. But unlike a lot of things from our childhood, this place has held up incredibly well!

Pizzeria Gust is the ideal place for pizza lovers out there. This Pizzeria is a magical combination of tastes of diverse pizza, pleasant ambiance and special charm of long-standing valuable staff.  Although it was not easy, “Gušt” has reached the top  of quality pizzerias in Split since 1995, and has managed to stay at the very top. The quality of pizza and top service is attested to by many visitors who are soon counted as permanent guests. So, all of you who do not yet know these guys, visit and find out why they are so beloved by citizens of Split.

And if you don’t believe us, we’ll let others speak. Adria Zeitung, Croatia’s leading tourist magazine for tourists in the German speaking area (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), included the pizzeria “Gušt” among the top 5 pizzerias in Dalmatia.

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  1. Cool setting

    Thank you for the recommendation! Really great pizza place in the city center. Split generally has good pizza but Gust had a certain charm to it! It is in a dark room, with tables straight form pizza parlous form the movies

  2. What to say about gust??? The place is awesome, the pizza is made right in front of you, and the wood oven is just a few meters away! I really liked the one with shrimp and olive oil (I think), as it really tasted of the sea

  3. The pizza was rich in ingredients, thin crusted (my fave) and best of all – quite large. The price is a steal, around 50 kuna for the regular pizza

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