Plitvice Lakes are the oldest National park in Croatia containing breathtaking waterfalls, wild rivers and are a UNESCO heritage. They are probably one of the most beautiful places to visit in Croatia; if not the whole world. But it isn’t all that easy visiting them from Split. They are some 3 hours away from Split, as you’re looking at 6 hours of driving in a minivan or a bus.  Here we’ll show you an overview of what the lakes offer to you in case you want to visit them.

What more do you need for a perfect day in wild nature with a little help of your guide. Simply said, Plitvice Lakes are spectacular and a must see attraction in Croatia. Sixteen emerald and turquoise lakes connected with dozens and dozens of scenic waterfalls ranging from the turbulent to the trickling allowing you to discover them in several different routes. This is one of the most beautiful National Parks in the world and UNESCO heritage site since 1979 as one of the greatest natural wonders in Europe. It is no wonder why it is Croatia’s most visited national park with more than 1M visitors per year. Join us on this magnificent tour and enjoy of the most beautiful places in Croatia.

Our advice is that you look for a tour that includes a guide and entry tickets. That way you won’t have to worry about anything other than enjoying Plitvice lakes.

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    It was truly AMAZING! the scenery was among the most beautiful on this earth, and really breathtaking. Not to mention the wonderful guide, SuperMario and his trusted driver with the vocals that we were lucky enough to experience on the way back to Split! as many thumbs up as possible! 😀

  2. ''Beautiful''

    An extremely long drive but we had a great guide and the lakes were beautiful!

  3. My god what a lovely trip! Someon ebelow commented that it is a bit of a longer ride, but it is soooo worth it in the end! As it is quite a walk to go through the whole park we took the advantage of the fact that a tram and boat ride were included in the price. Just be careful, as you may not be able to do the walk, tram and boat ride in the four hours you’re there.

  4. We came in Croatia with two thing in mind: see the blue cave and the plitvice lakes – both were a roaring success! The lakes are just unnaturally beautiful as far as I’m concerned… just gorgeous. Keep in mind that it takes abut 4 people to go on the tour, so you might have to wait a day or so to catch the first available tour

  5. Great day out! The hike around the lakes was a bit long, but still worth it. The people working the front desk told us plitvice lakes are one of the most beautiful spots in Croatia and they were right. A must visit if you don’t mind the longish ride!

  6. Day trip to plitvice

    We travelled as a group of six friends. Our guide Dragan is friendly, incredibly informative and flexible. We were given enough time to explore the national park to our heart’s content. I would highly recommend Croatian Dream to everyone looking for quality day excursions.

  7. Last minute trip to Plitvice Lakes

    We are a group of 6 that came into Croatia Dream after deciding to have a day trip somewhere while staying at Split. Dragan was very helpful in recommending between Krka and Plitvice Lakes and we ultimately decided with Plitvice. We had an amazing time there and on the way he told us a lot of interesting facts and the history of Croatia.
    Even after the tour he gave us suggestions for restaurants in Split. Would definitely recommend!

  8. Day trip to Plitvice

    Very friendly and professional guide. We were a group of six and we were able to be in a van to the Plitvice lakes. The trip was awesome and it was quite flexible with time and transportation.

  9. I can’t recommend this tour enough. There was 7 of us on the minivan, 3 of my friends and another friend group and the guide Dragan went above and beyond to make sure we had fun and still he managed to give us a few history lessons along the way!

  10. must visit, but....

    The lakes are gorgeous but I think it might be a bit of a too long ride to get there. Go to Krka instead, it’s closer and you can even swim under the falls there

  11. very beautiful

    We had an amazing time on the Plitvice lakes tour. If you’re coming to Split I would highly recommend you go

  12. The Plitvice Lakes are really a true natural wonder!!! Not even the mass of people who were there managed to damp the beauty of this park. But there just isn’t enough time to see it all! Just about 4 hours in the park, even with the lovely guide’s help just wasn’t enough. Otherwise, a brilliant trip


    Me and my friends did the Plitvice lake tour and it was just brilliant! It’s an early start – 6.45 am!!! – but we were picked up in from of our apartment by the guide so we didn’t have to wander around. We arrived around 9.30 AM and the guide showed us around for a while, but left us more than enough time to explore by ourselves. The park is just beautiful, words just don’t describe it. There’s a reason why it’s the most visited National Park in Croatia! I would definitely suggest this tour, we had a wonderful time. We also went to Krka, but that was so completely different because it had more stops and you can actually swim there. Nice just the same..

  14. Wonderful guide

    Our tour group had a guide named Ivana who gave us a wonderful tour of Plitvice lakes. The groups are small which means that the guide can give everyone enough attention. The Plitvice Lakes are a beautiful spot, more than worth the 5 hour ride there and back. The park gets filled up around noon, but we got there around 9.30 am so we managed to see quite a bit of it without to many people. I definitely recommend this tour!

  15. Busy but beautiful

    Croatia is a gorgeous place and Plitvice Lakes national park is one of the best parts of it. The tour started early in the morning because the woman working in the agency told us it was going to be busy in the park. That was a great idea because by 11 am it got so crowded that it took half an hour to cross 500 feet. Plitivce Lakes are really busy, so if you can’t take that just don’t go. The tour was great, and the guide was knowledgeable, seemed happy to be there, and was more than happy to answer anything we wanted to know.

  16. We had a wonderful experience with Dragan on Plitvice lakes. He took care with us, made us feel welcomed and he seemingly knows EVERYTHING. There weren’t that many people there as trip advisor would make you believe, but we went end of September so that could have factored in. The lakes are amazing, the nature is just so beautiful. The only negative is due to the management of the park itself – there were not enough sings pointing out trekking points!! The par is a huge place, how can there be no signs at certain points??!

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