If you’re visiting Split for a few days, then Trogir night tour is a must do on your to-see list! This gorgeous Pearl of the Adriatic has many names. Chief among who are ‘ city museum’, ‘city of angels’, and ‘little Venice’. And if you don’t believe us about the little Venice part (the city has its own gondola!), then you simply must go to Trogir.

It was founded by Greeks from Vis in the third century BC and with a rich history, it can be compared with any other town in the coast. Its cathedral is one of the finest on the Adriatic, and you’ll see why.

Situated on an island, the city feels like a museum. But you’re free to touch every exhibit and take as many pictures as you like. And if it happens that you will overbook your days by visiting the Blue Cave, or Krka waterfalls, worry not! This particular tour is a nightly tour, meaning that you are free to swim all day long and enjoy Trogir by night. There is one agency that does Trogir tours at night, so go and check them and their Trogir Night tour out!

Put your walking shoes on, and go and see why Trogir is to this day one of the most important cities in Dalmatia!


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  1. Night tour Trogir

    We were recommended to go to Trogir by the lovely lady who worked the front desk at the agency. If she was to be trusted, the city was a truly gorgeous sight, even more so than Split. Which was frankly hard to believe! But Trogir is a lovely place, the history really interesting, and best of all is the fact that the tour is at night. That means you get to see all the beautiful boats on display because they’re lighted from below deck with lights from the promenade. Truly a wonderful place to visit

  2. We went sailing for a week, and our base was from Trogir. We didn’t have too much time to tour the city, and our accommodation was in Split. Luckily Dragan des the Trogir tour so the 6 of us (3 couples) went with him as we really liked from what we saw of the city. The city truly is beautiful,and Dragan makes it funny as well! It was a really nice out out

  3. Must see

    Trogir is definately gorgeous and a must see! If you have a night free, I would suggest going on this tour with Dragan.

  4. Oasis for coffee lovers

    Trogir is an oasis with cafés and restaurants. It might become very hot here during the summer so make sure you sit down for refreshments and watch people passing by.

  5. Charming Old town

    The small atmospheric old town with a myriad of passageways and a small square. Perfect for a stroll, or winding down with a coffee/beer/wine, plenty of cafes, restaurants, shops etc.

  6. Old town of Trogir

    It’s a must on the list of things to visit in Croatia – if you don’t mind crowds doing the same thing you are doing.

  7. Interesting old city

    Fascinating old city. Narrow streets and amazing architecture. Cobbled streets. Beautiful churches and plenty of high quality shops. Massive number of restaurants to choose from.

  8. Great tour of Trogir

    Dragan was fantastic tour guide. He was very informative, able to tell us lots about Croatia, Split, and Trogir and answer any questions we had. He used the journey to and from Split to give us the history of the country and point out landmarks on the way. He gave us a brief tour of Trogir before allowing us to explore the town ourselves. He was very flexible and accommodating. We would highly recommend this company for tours.

  9. We took this tour with Dragon who was our guide. It was very well prepared and we enjoyed it very much.

  10. Quite liked this tour, it wasn’t too long and we got to see everything that was important. Although that is not too hard as Trogir is a small city 🙂

  11. Good if you have a free night

    Me and my friends just stumbled on this agency after lunch and were looking for something to do. We wanted to do something the same night and they suggested we go to Trogir. The tour guide waited for us at an arranged spot and by half past seven we were in Torgir. The guide took us on a tour for a while, but afterward we had some free time. Trogir is a beautiful place, and the best way to see it is to just get lost in the streets. All the buildings have some interesting things to see its just full of history!

  12. After hearing a bit about the city, I visited Trogir on one of my free days in Split. Didn’t take the tour, but the city is just stunning!

  13. Perfect night out

    My husband and I happened upon this agency while walking through the city. As we had no plans for the next day, the nice lady in the office suggested we take the morning for some swim time, and for the afternoon that we go on the Trogir tour. We booked on the spot, and the next day at 7 off we went. The group was small, just 7 people in a van. The guide was incredibly informative without making us feel like he was giving history lessons. He made sure everyone was comfortable and gave us quite a lot of options for our free time. Trogir at night truly is wonderful, the city is bathed in light and it just has a wonderful feeling about it. Bpth my husband and I recommend this tour!


    We had a private tour to Trogir with Dragan and it was simply wonderful! He picked us up at 7 in front of our hotel, and from there on out was so attentive to everything we wanted to do. He spent the entire night with us even though he offered us free time to explore. But he was such good company that we didn’t want to let him go! Cheers from Julia, Ames, Dennis, and Andrew

  15. Great!

    Great tour of the island town of Trogir!

  16. Really liked this night tour! It was cheap, and the guide was great. Good way to fill up your night


    Great night out with Dragan, our guide for the night. We booked this with the Krka tour, and got a discount on an already low price!

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